Paul Reddick has been a mentor of mine since 2012 and he’s one of the men who helped shape me into who I am today.

When I first met Paul Reddick in 2012, he changed my life. He’ll tell you all he did was change the way I think – and that I did the rest.

I found Paul as a business coach and leader of a mastermind for gym owners when I opened my gym House Of Strength. Like most guys in the group, I came looking for ways to grow my business.

What I found was a mentor who helped my grow into the individual I would need to be in order to impact the world in the manner I envisioned. That is Paul Reddick’s strength – his ability to coach others and help them develop into the highest expression of themselves.

7 years after we first met, Paul and I connected in New York to record this conversation that is loaded with lessons that helped me along with many new nuggets from Paul’s continued development. Do you future self a favor and tune in.

Episode #55 w/ Paul Reddick Show Notes:

  • After some bad math in a previous business venture, Paul started a mastermind to recoup some of the losses. Not knowing that, in the process he would find deeper meaning to his coaching practice and the ability to impact the individuals he works with.
  • Eliminating toxic goals(Copy, Compare, Compete) is essential to long term happiness and fulfillment.
  • Pursuing a “win” in sports is easy. Just score more points. In business the rules aren’t set and the goal isn’t always clear so the “win” isn’t easy but, it can be achieved in infinite ways.
  • When looking at a new venture, can you picture yourself being happy and working in that environment?
  • Find what’s true to you. Paul uses an exercise called 5-6-7 to really hone in on these core values.
  • Surround yourself with people who aren’t afraid to tell you when you look ridiculous. Or when you’re acting ridiculous.
  • Discipline Habits and Systems (DHS) produce your Comfort Zone.
  • Our default setting is to work hard. Most default solutions just revolve around more working. Understand that focus on long term results means knowing how to pace yourself and not get caught in an over worked – under productive cycle.
  • Paul has figured out what it takes for him to live in his comfort zone. After years of practice and cultivation his DHS have produced a detailed game plan and checklist for him to stay in the zone day to day and month to month.
  • Keep your workspace clear of clutter and full of things that inspire you. Learn to stay in the room. Use those inspiring items to push you towards your goal.
  • Writing and singing your “song”.
  • What does it mean to be strong? Vulnerability
  • What have you changed your mind on? Politics
  • Be Better: Serve the person in front of you.
  • Do Better: Crush every little thing you do.

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