Sometimes we all need a little reality check to remind us how fortunate we are.

The fact that a few billion atoms have organized themselves into a functioning human body with consciousness to give us this life is pretty freaking cool. Let’s don’t take any part of it for granted.

Remember what is truly important. That’s what this episode on perspective is all about.

Having a bad day?

It could be worse.

We could lose a limb or our vision.

You (or a loved one) could be diagnosed with cancer.

You could be without food, water, or a roof over your head.

The world could end tomorrow, or we could die at any moment (momento mori).

These are a few of the reality checks I serve myself on a regular basis to make sure I don’t lose perspective.

I’ve got a few more for you when press play to TUNE IN to BHP Shorts 024: Perspective

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