42 years after it’s release, Jimmy Buffett is still singing Margaritaville at Every. Single. Performance.

Think you’re tired of that song?

How do you think HE feels?

Yet, there he is… night after night, 40+ years down the road, still playing the hits.

We all have a tendency to downplay or move past our greatest hits. Maybe we’re humble, or maybe we’re searching for the next developmental opportunity…

But when we shelve the a-ha moments that got us here, we’re denying them to those who need them most.

Imagine going to Buffet concert and NOT hearing Margaritaville.

Pros play the hits. The ones the fans came to see.

Growth and forward progress is great. But don’t forget the growth that got you to this point.

What “trick” are you tired of performing?

What hits are you sitting on?

What hits are you NOT sharing with the people who need to hear them most?

Remember, they were game-changing revelations for us at one point. And they will do the same for others, if we bring them into the light.

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