I’m in an awesome mood this morning. And that’s great news for you, because this type of mood always leads to massive sales and huge giveaways. And today is no different!

Today, I’m putting together a short quiz covering nutrition, strength training, etc. All you have to do is post your answers in the comments section below! The winner will receive free coaching for 1 month (training & nutrition)!

Question #1: Which of the following is NOT a protein source?

a) Eggs

b) Cottage Cheese

c) Peanut Butter

d) Greek Yogurt

Question #2: Squats are a compound exercise involving movement at multiple joints. Which 2 movement patterns are involved in the LIFTING or CONCENTRIC portion of the squat?

a) Hip Flexion & Knee Extension

b) Hip Extension & Knee Extension

c) Hip Flexion & Knee Flexion

d) Hip Extension & Knee Flexion

Questions #3: How many double bonds does a monounsaturated fatty acid have?

a) 1

b) 3

c) 0

d) >1

Question #4: What are the body’s 2 main sources of fuel?

a) Protein & Carbohydrates

b) Amino acids & Protein

c) Glucose & fatty acids

d) Amino acids & fatty acids

Question #5: For optimal muscle balance and shoulder health, what is considered to be the ideal ratio of pulling to pressing exercises?

a) 1:1

b) 1:2

c) 2:1

d) 1:3

This was designed to help you learn a few things, have some fun, and show me what YOU, my readers need the most help with!

Let’s see who wins!