I bet you’ve never trained your abs
to RESIST movement have you?
That’s a shame because, as an athlete
your body is put under duress constantly
and the more your core can resist the forces
placed on it by outside forces, the better
your athleticism becomes!!
Did I confuse you?
Let me explain…better yet, how about
some examples!
  • football player breaking a tackle
  • basketball player fighting through a pick
  • defender trying trying to rip a rebound from your grasp
  • jump-ball tie ups
  • hockey shoulder check
  • soccer players hip-checking as they run side-by-side
  • weightlifter under a heavy squat
  • etc, etc, etc
As you can see, any core movement that might be
beneficial to athletic training can also be trained
in the opposing force vector. Wherever force may
be applied, it may also be resisted.
If you never train your abs to RESIST force,
you’re only training 50% of their capabilities.
It’s like NEVER using your left hand in ball-
handling drills or ONLY lifting biceps (ignoring
the triceps) and expecting decent arms!
I know most athletes make this mistake with
ab training, so I’ve come up with
ABS FOR ATHLETES, my new ab training
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