Mental Health, Awareness and Consciousness

When I spoke last month at Buckley Air Force Base outside Denver, Colorado, I shared the stage with my good friend and amazing human, Mr. Rick Alexander.

Halfway through the event, while the attendees were at lunch, we looked at each other and simultaneously said “We’re onto something here! How do we do more of this?!”

So last week, Rick and I sat down in front of a whiteboard and created a new seminar, titled Answering The Call: How High Performers Think.

If all goes according to plan, we’ll be delivering this talk to military installations and corporations across the country in the coming months.

This episode is an open conversation about the seminar, why we felt the need to create it, and how we plan to make a dent in the Universe – and help thousands of great men and women in the process.

PRESS PLAY to listen to this informative and inspiring conversation about mental health, consciousness, awareness and of course, answering the call to greatness.

Show Notes

  • Mental health crisis in the military – and the general population
  • Rick’s struggles and how he emerged happier and healthier
  • Consciousness exploration and the collective consciousness awakening
  • Operating with greater awareness
  • Answering The Call

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