Rick Alexander is one of my favorite humans.

His efforts to give back and “make a dent in the universe” are almost single-handedly responsible for planting the seeds of charitable contribution for the Better Human Project.

In this bonus episode, Rick and I recorded one of our Saturday morning chats over coffee to highlight his mission with Project Motive, how he rode a bike for 12 hours straight to help give nearly 300 kids a bicycle for Christmas, and where his drive to give back comes from.

We hope you enjoy this special episode of the Better Human Project.

Show Notes – Bonus Episode – Rick Alexander

  • I wrote this book, because I had to write this book. How Rick truly wrote his book for himself, just as much for others to take ownership of their own lives. (3:07)
  • The two most important things in my life are adventure and goodwill and both those things are free. Rick shares a personal story of how a bike changed his life, the impact his programs have had, the importance of community and his ability to give people some of the life experiences that have been beneficial to him. (7:05)
  • I have my A race and my B race. Rick describes how he is currently training and what strategies he implements for recovery. (22:00)
  • Find out what works to move the needle. How Rick is working on data for people to find their epicenter of strength and endurance to master their goals. (26:00)
  • The nervous system and muscular system are different things. Ryan explains the differences between the two and how to not push your CNS too much to halt your progress. (33:45)
  • Mindset is everything. How there are different levels of human in their approach and results. (36:45)
  • Finding balance between different practices. The biggest ah-ha moment that Rick found this past year and to make the simple things matter to you. (39:50)
  • Money is the thing that is going to allow you to create impact. What books is he currently reading? (45:40)

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