Sergeant Ronald Robinson is a law enforcement officer with more than 10 years experience in the Roanoke City Police Department. We’ve know each other since 2012 when he first became a member at my gym, House of Strength.

Beyond the badge, Ronald is one of the finest humans I’ve ever met. He’s a husband, father, coach, mentor, community leader, and friend to all. It’s an honor to reconnect with Ronald for this conversation at a crucial time.

In this episode we discuss many of our collective concerns including race, racism, what it’s like to be a police officer right now, leadership, and how we can all make a positive impact in our communities.

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In This Episode:

  • Ronald’s personal experience of how the black community sees law enforcement AND how the Law Enforcement community sees black people
  • Does a black man feel the need to defend his decision to be cop to black friends and family?
  • Why Ronald chose to become a police officer
  • What are the conversations inside the law enforcement community since George Floyd’s murder?
  • What ARE – or what CAN – police officers do to improve relations with the communities they serve?
  • As a recently promoted SGT, Ronald shares some of his leadership strategies
  • Where does Ronald’s desire to lead, serve and contribute come from?
  • We’re more alike than different. But the media thrives on division. At a time when our focus should be on uniting – not dividing – what can the average person (especially white people) do to bring people together?
  • Ronald’s #1 Tip to:
    • Be Better
    • Do Better

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