I work with a lot of high school athletes.

And there aren’t many things worse than high school lunches! So today, I want to list a few packable alternatives to high school cafeteria foods.

I would start my day with a solid first meal at home. I would then pack 2 snacks for the day – one before lunch and one after lunch. For simplicity, I would pack a protein shake with oats and almonds. Simply fill 2 dry shaker cups with 2 scoops whey or 1 scoop whey/1 scoop casein, some dry oats and almonds and throw them into your bookbag. Stop by a water fountain between classes and you have an awesome snack that provides lean protein, fiber, healthy fats, and complex carbs. Simple AND complete.

For lunch I would take a small cooler or simliar product that would fit into my bookbag and locker. Keep an icepack in there and your options are limitless. Here are a few choices:

  • chicken breast, baked sweet potato, sprouts, and olive oil
  • 97% lean ground turkey, rice, kale,and macadamia nut oil
  • Ezekiel bread, 1 packet wholly guacamole, spinach, and chicken or turkey
  • lean ground beef, baked potato, asparagus, and olive oil
To make packing meals easier, I suggest pre-cooking in bulk. I have mentioned this many times, but it bears repeating…be prepared! Spend some time when you have it, so you can grab and go when you need to!! Choose a day when you have the most free-time and instead of being a worthless coach potato, bake some potatoes!! And hard-boil some eggs, and grill or bake some meat while you’re at. Cook a huge pot of rice and you’ve got plenty of food that is readily available when you need it! Much better time management than watching 3 hours of The Big Bang Theory or Family Guy reruns!


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