This week on the Better Human Project, we’ve got a powerful conversation about grit, character, will, & the decision to choose strength with father, husband, law enforcement professional, and peaceful warrior, Scott McGee.


Physical strength is great, but this statement – like this conversation with Scott – applies far beyond the physical.

Something I’ll never forget from Scott: “Littering is a test of character”.

To me, no statement better summarizes what Scott is all about.

It’s a twist on the Buddhist saying “how you do anything is how you do everything.”

Strength is a choice.

The host of The Sisu Way podcast, Scott reveals the trying life experiences that led to his embracing of the sisu way – including the passing of his father and birth of his first son – within the same week.

As Scott says: Health is Wealth. Vulnerability is Strength. Strength is a Choice. You are the Master of your Fate. You are the Captain of your Soul. Be Unconquerable!

Episode 046: Scott McGee Show Notes:

  • Appreciate your belongings. They aren’t just things or stuff. They’re extensions of who you are, what you do and why you’re here.
  • How we do anything is how we do everything. Preparation, research, planning, respect.
  • Be vulnerable and share with your loved ones. Scott’s father died writing a letter to his unborn grandchild. Never take the moment you have now for granted.
  • Through unbeatable odds, Scott’s son Connors chose strength, survived and inspired Scott’s Sisu Way journey
  • Scott’s career in law enforcement: empathy, humility, and the human desire for connection
  • Nature of Law enforcement is being exposed to human trauma, daily.
  • Public service professionals(Police, Firefighters, EMT’s, Doctors, Nurses) are asked to bear witness to the worst of our human experience. Where is the discussion around proper management of stress?
  • Change your perspective / position in a traumatic memory.
  • Use routine cues in your life to trigger down-regulating. Box breathing at red lights.
    • Use a 1 part inhale 2 part exhale breath to handle stress in the moment. As soon as you feel it creep in.
  • Be a lighthouse. Bring empathy to those in more unfortunate circumstances.  
  • Strength is choice. (Requires awareness)
    • Knowing how and when to dive in or pull back from a situation. Yelling at your kids etc.
  • Be & Do Better:
    • Be in appreciation, not expectation.
    • Make a conscious effort to make a positive impact in the people around you.

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