Don’t do what your heroes did. Instead, seek what they sought.

The universe doesn’t need you to be another copycat. The universe needs you to be your unique self and to bring your own unique value.

That’s precisely what they did, and what enabled them to stand out and succeed.

Rather than doing what they did, seek what they sought.

Why did they take that action? What did they see ahead of the curve? What was their real play?

These questions will help lead us to the crucial point that is actually missed when we blindly copy them and do what they did.

They had success because they saw a gap, filled a void and disrupted the status quo by providing innovative solutions. When we copy and do what they did, we fail to hit the mark on that most crucial point – innovation, disruption and solving a problem. If they’ve already done, we’re not solving a new problem.

What were they seeking when they did the thing you know them for doing?

These are the better questions that lead to better actions for us to consider in an effort to get the results that lead to true happiness and fulfillment – which, not coincidentally often lead to the more superficial things we think we want (money, attention, etc.)

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