In a world of lying, liars, and lies, show up as the truth. – Paul Reddick

Today’s BHP Short expands on an excerpt from a recent Going 567 podcast I did with Paul Reddick.

It’s an important idea that has the potential to make a profound impact on our lives and the lives of those around us.

It’s a simple concept: Show up as the truth.

What more could we ask for? After all, all progress starts with the truth.

But as we know, simple is not the same as easy. Showing up as the truth is often much easier said than done. Showing up in this manner requires us to be courageous, to risk greatly, to have the tough conversations, and it usually means saying what needs to be said or doing what needs to be done instead of what we might want to say or do.

I believe we have a responsibility to those we love and care about to not pull punches – to be an honest and accurate mirror for them, to tell them where they’re doing well, where they misstep, show them how they can grow, to hold space for and support those initiatives.

This is what real love, friendship, and leadership looks like…

So the thought for you to meditate on today is this: How can others show up as the TRUTH for you? How can YOU show up as the truth for others? How can you ensure that you’re portraying or perpetuating the lying & lies?

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