Ken Wilber + Tony Robbins + Sue Mortar = Members of The A-Team of Consciousness Development

This BHP Short integrates the teachings of all three into a single, cohesive, coherent thought about our beliefs, actions, and the cycle of success. Or it could be the spiral of frustration and stagnation – our direction on this path hinges on how we think and act.

The short version goes like this -->

Growth is uncomfortable.

It requires us to face the unknowns or unmastered.

In order to realize our best selves we must make a habit of seeking these opportunities.

We must willingly enter the void.

We must accept and be present with the discomfort in that space, connecting with what is.

THIS is the money spot! This is where the a-ha moments occur.

Understand that, as we expand, more of us drops in. This is Greater Awareness.

This is growth and development.

Enter the void and exit 1 level up. This is spiral dynamics.

The work is done in the void.

The goal is to enter the void and exit 1 level higher.

The next step is the crucial part —> we must embody the revelation.

Regardless of the tool used to arrive at an a-ha moment, the “a-ha” is not integrated until we embody it.

Embodiment exercises (anchors, routines, et al.) help us integrate, implement, and anchor the things we “realize” during moments of expansion.

The more we do this, the more we grow. And as a by-product, we also build confidence (belief) and begin to embrace the voids for the lessons and growth we know they hold – perpetuating the upward spiral.

Enter the void. Exit 1 level higher. Integrate and embody.

Higher in the spiral = greater the expansions.

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