What is strength? What does it mean to be strong? Ask 10 different people and you’re likely to get 10 different answers. That’s exactly what we did at Strong New York, and we received a slew of epic answers on what it means to be a strong human, how we can develop strength, and the most compelling ways to use our own strength to benefit others. This “hot seat” episode of the Better Human Project podcast was recorded at Solace New York during their 2-day Strong New York that featured health and fitness leaders and enthusiasts from around the world. This jam-packed episode features a stellar collection of humans, including event organizer Kenny Santucci, Biggest Loser trainer and former American Gladiator Jen Widerstrom, Paleo Magazine writer Ashleigh Van Houten, strength and conditioning legends Jason Ferruggia and Luka Hocevar, CrossFit athlete and gym owner Ryan Fischer, and former Marine sniper Rudy Reyes. Enjoy this one, and let us know what YOU think it means to be strong. Shoot us a message with your thoughts on strength.

Show Notes:

  • Kenny Santucci: 3:13
  • Jen Widerstrom: 8:45
  • Jason Ferruggia: 13:30
  • Ashleigh Van Houten: 19:07
  • Luka Hocevar: 24:10
  • Ryan Fischer: 32:06
  • Rudy Reyes: 37:26
  • That Ryan Munsey guy: 44:49

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