You are the sum of the 5 people with whom you spend the most time.

Think about that for a bit…
Who is influencing and shaping YOU?
I hope you’re hanging out with
positive. like-minded people
who truly want good things for you!
Here’s my 5:
1) My girlfriend
2) My training partner/co-worker
3) My friend/business partner
4) My parents
5) Writers I read online
**Technically parents and online authors
put me over the 5 person limit – but I see
those 5 as “groups” of influence that shape me.**
Those are the most vocal and influential
“voices” in my head.
Anything or anyone that inputs information
into your head counts and I suggest you
start paying close attention to who that is
and what they’re telling you.
If you’re a young athlete, chances are
your 5 looks like this:
1) Parents
2) Coach
3) Best friend
4) Teammates
5) The in-crowd
You can’t control your parents, so you’re
pretty much stuck with them. Let’s hope
you have loving, supportive parents
who help you reach your potential.
Sometimes you can control your coach,
but more often than not, you stuck. If
you participate in team sport, your
probably stuck! If you’re in an individual
and can choose you own coach, your in
luck! Again, you want a supportive,
knowledgeable person who wants
nothing more than to see you succeed!
Friends, the “in-crowd” and others
that fall into that category are shapers
over whom you have the most control.
You can’t control how they are, what say
or do – BUT you can control how you
respond and react.
If greatness is your goal, then you
can accept nothing less from those
around you. It may sound harsh,
but you need to cut-off those people
who aren’t on-board with your goals
and your lifestyle. If your buddy gives
you a hard time for spending extar time
practicing instead of going out to
party on a Friday night, he may not be
the best choice to include in your Top 5.
But if you find coaches, friends, or teammates
who share your values, keep them close
and help each other reach greatness!
Pursue Perfection,
Coach Ryan
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