This edition of BHP Shorts builds on the theme of connection and contact that we explored in BHP Shorts 039: Contact Vs. Stance with a powerful observation from Dave Chappelle and Jerry Seinfeld.

As Dave puts it, “superheroes need to hang out with other superheroes”.

Contrary to our initial thoughts, this camaraderie is not about forming a super-alliance that fights crime together. Rather, it’s a support group where humans can relate to other humans who face similar struggles – both internal and external.

Like recognizes like. The artist recognizes the work and struggle experienced by another artist. The athlete or business owner understand the realities of their respective counterparts.

For this reason, we benefit greatly from spending time with those who understand the resistance we seek to overcome on a daily basis.

I get it, hangouts for superheroes aren’t common as your corner Starbucks. If it doesn’t exist, create it.

  • Start a weekly coffee meetup for the superheroes in your community.
  • Make time to take of your cape & mask with another person who is fighting the same fight you are.
  • Start a group text or DM with a squad of like-minded people who may not be in your geographical area.

Now, the disclaimer – this superhero hangout is not an opportunity to whine and wine. It’s about supporting and encouraging each other to continue to push the boundaries and walk that wire. It’s a safe haven to recharge and restore before going once into the frey of the good fight.

No playing small. Step into your greatness.

P.S. Thank you to all the amazing humans I get to talk to and hang with in this beautiful thing we call life.

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