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BHP 044: Caroline Burckle | Olympic Medalist on Purpose, Identity, and Commitment

This week, we’ve got an insightful conversation with 2008 Olympic medalist Caroline Burckle. Caroline dives [...]

Low Carb Diets For Athletes

Low carb diets may be the optimal diet for overall health, but we need to [...]

The Bodyweight Guantlet

OK ladies and gentlemen. I’ve got a VERY SPECIAL post for you today. I caught [...]

In-Season Training For Athletes

Every athlete has an in-season and an off-season. For those athletes who play multiple sports [...]

Freak Athletes In Action

Things are picking up and taking off here in Month 2 at House Of Strength. [...]

Resist The Movement

I bet you’ve never trained your abs to RESIST movement have you? That’s a shame [...]