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BHP 102: Cris Edmonds | How To Develop Discipline and Mental Toughness

Cris Edmonds is a long time friend, former training partner, and a fellow coach. We [...]

BHP 074: Andy McCloy | Values-Driven Leadership and Culture

Andy McCloy is the founder of BCI Sports Performance and one of the world’s leading [...]

BHP Shorts 036: The Nowhere Between Two Somewheres

Mastering Transitions and Change **The following originally appeared as a post I made on IG [...]

BHP Shorts 035: Anonymous Henchmen & Unnamed Wolves

Austin Powers & The Wolves of Yellowstone When wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park [...]

BHP Shorts 033: Pros Play The Hits

42 years after it’s release, Jimmy Buffett is still singing Margaritaville at Every. Single. Performance. [...]

BHP Shorts 032: 120% is BS

Let’s pretend you have a piping hot, mouth-watering pizza in front of you. If I [...]

BHP Shorts 011: Don’t Work. CREATE.

ALCHEMY / noun / the transformation of matter from base elements into gold or useful [...]

BHP Shorts 010: Are You Extraordinary or Ordinary?

“Is this the best you can do?” We’ve all seen the memes and taglines: “average [...]