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BHP Takeaways | Oscar Trimboli – Ep. #115

How to listen author Oscar Trimboli explains the 125/400 rule and the importance of noticing [...]

BHP 115: Oscar Trimboli | The Hidden Key to Better Communication and Leadership

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Former instructor for Navy SEAL's cold weather training facility John Barklow talks mindset, leadership and [...]

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BHP 084: Eric Adams | Public Health and Behavior Change

Today’s guest is Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and he could be the next mayor [...]

BHP Shorts 062: Fear Or Love

ARE YOU OPERATING OUT FEAR OR LOVE? I’m fascinated by what motivates and drives us. [...]

BHP Shorts 039: Contact Vs. Stance

There is a saying in both baseball and golf that how we make contact is [...]

BHP 063: Michael Hill | Georgetown Sports Performance

Building something bigger than us requires vision, focus, patience, the right team, communication, and a [...]