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BHP Shorts 040: Superheroes Need Other Superheroes

This edition of BHP Shorts builds on the theme of connection and contact that we [...]

BHP Shorts 039: Contact Vs. Stance

There is a saying in both baseball and golf that how we make contact is [...]

BHP 042: Dr Cara Miller | Interrogate Your Unconscious Mind & Limiting Beliefs

Dr. Cara Miller is a developmental coach who works as a personal and organizational consultant. [...]

BHP 038: Naresh Kumar | Vulnerability, Connection, and Fighting Human Trafficking

Naresh Kumar has logged more than 25,000 human powered miles (running or biking) over the [...]

BHP 026: Jay Ferruggia | Innovating Your Industry, Being Relentless, Power of Connection

A legend in the health and fitness industry, Jay Ferruggia is the innovator responsible for [...]

BHP 021: Ice Water Free Diver Kiki Bosch 

When it comes to mental toughness, Kiki Bosch is one of best. Kiki will see [...]