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BHP Shorts 078: Make The Call

And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.  – [...]

BHP Shorts 069: Staring Down The Wolf

7 Commitments That Forge Elite Teams from Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine Today’s BHP Short [...]

BHP 065: Kate Swoboda | Habits, Courage and Fear

It’s no secret that our disciplines, habits and systems create comfort zones that can serve [...]

BHP Shorts 006: Dishonesty Stems From Fear

Dishonesty stems from fear. I challenge you to investigate your own expressions, to think about [...]

BHP 058: Mike Day | Navy SEAL Shot 27 Times and Kept Fighting

The title says it all… In 2007, Mike Day showed up for work like he [...]

Solitude Lake Leadership Experience

Courage is a prerequisite for leadership. Do you have the courage to pursue the highest [...]

Choose To Fight

I am unstoppable. Anything and everything I set my mind to accomplishing, is happening. Just [...]