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BHP Shorts 077: Bet On Yourself

Full disclosure: this episode was recorded prior to our current Coronavirus-induced shutdowns and quarantines. The [...]

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Few people have impacted the musical industry as much as Rick Rubin over the last [...]

BHP Shorts 073: 8 Must Know Tips For Starting Your Own Business

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BHP Shorts 069: Staring Down The Wolf

7 Commitments That Forge Elite Teams from Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine Today’s BHP Short [...]

BHP Shorts 068: Arnold, Ballet, & The In-Between Moments

There is an iconic scene in the cult classic Pumping Iron where the Austrian Oak [...]

BHP Shorts 067: Get More Flow

What do the Runner’s high, suspension of self, LuLuLemon, the neurochemistry of flow states and [...]

BHP Shorts 065: Understanding Risk

It’s only dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Or is it? Risk is [...]

BHP Shorts 060: Competitive Advantages and Becoming Irreplaceable

Let’s talk about your moat. Simply put, a moat is your competitive advantage. Like the [...]

BHP Shorts 059: Your BAG | Big. Audacious. Goal.

I’m in the midst of consulting & advising season, and that means business, leadership and [...]