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BHP Shorts 046: Aim Small, Miss Small.

When practicing their putting, pro golfers often putt to tees in the ground instead of [...]

BHP Shorts 043: How to Create More Peace, Love and Beauty in Your Life

Want more peace, love, beauty, and fulfillment if your life? I’m willing to bet, it’s [...]

BHP Shorts 023: Amateurs Seek Incapacity

PERFORMANCE = Potential – Interference Penned by Timothy Gallwey in his 1974 classic, The Inner [...]

BHP Shorts 019: Don’t Focus On Your Rivals

Trying to be better than your rival may be holding you back. By focusing on [...]

BHP Shorts 007: Essentialism

Essentialism is the disciplined pursuit of less, the practice of identifying the signal in the [...]