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BHP Shorts 078: Make The Call

And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.  – [...]

BHP Shorts 077: Bet On Yourself

Full disclosure: this episode was recorded prior to our current Coronavirus-induced shutdowns and quarantines. The [...]

BHP Shorts 075: Better Together | What We Can Do In Uncertain Times

Darkness cannot exist in the presence of light. Hate cannot exist in the presence of [...]

BHP 074: Lessons From Legends | Rick Rubin

Few people have impacted the musical industry as much as Rick Rubin over the last [...]

BHP Shorts 073: 8 Must Know Tips For Starting Your Own Business

This week’s BHP Short comes directly from your questions. One of our listeners, Melissa, asked [...]

BHP Shorts 072: Show Up As The Truth

In a world of lying, liars, and lies, show up as the truth. – Paul [...]

BHP Shorts 071: Trends, Black Swans and Momento Mori

Things that work, tend to continue to work…right up until they don’t. As my friend [...]

BHP Shorts 070: What’s Over The Next Ridge?

Managing the tension between getting it done and enjoying it is a timeless and universal [...]

BHP Shorts 069: Staring Down The Wolf

7 Commitments That Forge Elite Teams from Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine Today’s BHP Short [...]