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BHP 072: Josh Mantz | Moral Philosophy, Archetypes and Psychology

Josh Mantz is a West Point graduate and former Major in the United States Army. [...]

BHP 071: Rick Alexander | Consciousness, Awareness and Mental Health

Mental Health, Awareness and Consciousness When I spoke last month at Buckley Air Force Base [...]

BHP Shorts 030: Self Love, Narcissism and The Masks We Wear

It is human nature to wear the mask (or masks) that we think portray us [...]

BHP Shorts 021: Humane Technology and Social Media

In a not too distant past, revolutionary innovators dreamed of a computer in every home. [...]

BHP Shorts 020: Wisdom = Memory – Emotion

Wisdom = Memories Minus Emotion. When our brains create memories, they are a combination of [...]

BHP 064: Dan Freed | Mental Health & Formula Nootropics

One of the biggest mistakes we can make is to allow our past to define [...]

Q and A 007: How To Calm Anxiety, Growth Process, 5G Health Impacts

WEEKLY Q & A ANSWERS: 1️⃣ How can I calm my anxiety? 2️⃣ How do [...]

Q and A 005: Psychedelics; How To Quiet Your Mind; The Brain Dump

WEEKLY Q & A ANSWERS: 1️⃣ Psychedelic exploration? 2️⃣ Favorite song? 3️⃣ How do I [...]

BHP 027: Logan Gelbrich | Leadership, Standards, Progress and Disconfirming Information

Like an alchemist who turns lead into gold, Logan Gelbrich is developing epic humans, leaders, [...]