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BHP 074: Lessons From Legends | Rick Rubin

Few people have impacted the musical industry as much as Rick Rubin over the last [...]

BHP Shorts 033: Pros Play The Hits

42 years after it’s release, Jimmy Buffett is still singing Margaritaville at Every. Single. Performance. [...]

3 Lessons From Dave Grohl (Nirvana & Foo Fighters)

Lessons are everywhere – if we’re open to seeing and receiving them. Here are 3 [...]

BHP 016: Record Executive Maria Egan | Innovation, Creation & Leadership

Named one of Billboard’s Top 40 under 40, Maria Egan is the President and Head [...]

BHP 014: Jeff Castelaz | Music, Cancer, and Authentic Expression

This week’s guest on the Better Human Project is music industry veteran and philanthropist Jeff [...]

BHP 003: Whole Life Challenge | Andy Petranek

Episode #3 of the Better Human Project features Crossfit LA founder and Whole Life Challenge [...]

Workout Music Playlist

Yesterday, I was asked to name the 15 songs I would include on my version [...]