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BHP 085: Lauren Burgess | Ice Climbing, ULTRA Marathons and Self Discovery

Lauren Burgess is an ice climbing, ULTRA-running adventurer who also works as a writer and [...]

BHP 082: Tony Blauer | Mastering The Fear Loop and Cycle of Behavior

Tony Blauer has studied fear, violence, and defensive tactics for over 40 years. He’s the [...]

BHP Shorts 062: Fear Or Love

ARE YOU OPERATING OUT FEAR OR LOVE? I’m fascinated by what motivates and drives us. [...]

BHP Shorts 060: Competitive Advantages and Becoming Irreplaceable

Let’s talk about your moat. Simply put, a moat is your competitive advantage. Like the [...]

BHP Shorts 059: Your BAG | Big. Audacious. Goal.

I’m in the midst of consulting & advising season, and that means business, leadership and [...]

BHP Shorts 048: The Power of Moments

“Seek more meaningful moments.” That simple and powerful phrase is one of the (many) memorable [...]

BHP Shorts 037: The Deep End

Ever watch kids or excited adults arrive a pool? If you have, you might notice [...]

BHP 042: Dr Cara Miller | Interrogate Your Unconscious Mind & Limiting Beliefs

Dr. Cara Miller is a developmental coach who works as a personal and organizational consultant. [...]