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BHP 107: Hot Seat | Tips From Health & Wellness Experts

A few weekends ago, I attended “Momentum In The Mountains”, an event that brought a [...]

BHP 088: Dr. Mark Cucuzella | Sugar, Institutional Change, Running Better and Minimalist Shoes

Our guest this week is Dr. Mark Cucuzella – a man with more talents and [...]

BHP 085: Lauren Burgess | Ice Climbing, ULTRA Marathons and Self Discovery

Lauren Burgess is an ice climbing, ULTRA-running adventurer who also works as a writer and [...]

BHP Shorts 067: Get More Flow

What do the Runner’s high, suspension of self, LuLuLemon, the neurochemistry of flow states and [...]

BHP 066: Alison Heilig | The Durable Runner

This week’s interview on the Better Human Project features Alison Heilig, the author of the [...]

BHP 038: Naresh Kumar | Vulnerability, Connection, and Fighting Human Trafficking

Naresh Kumar has logged more than 25,000 human powered miles (running or biking) over the [...]