“What kinds of foods should I eat to increase my vertical jump?”

Short answer: Choose the foods that build muscle and strip fat!! What are those foods you ask…Here is a simple rule to live by: “If man made it, don’t eat it.” There is a reason *Jack Lallane* lived such a long and healthy life. His exercise regimen was huge part of that. But his diet was an even bigger factor. You see Jack knew his body needed REAL nutrients to function and perform at its peak. You wouldn’t pour soda in your car’s gas tank would you? Likewise, Jack knew the body couldn’t be perform optimally without optimal health. Jack didn’t poison his body with man-made chemicals and mystery ingredients and neither should you! Eating naturally occurring foods in the proper amounts at the proper times will allow you to turn your body into a finely tuned machine that achieves performances beyond your wildest dreams.

*Side note* For those of you wondering about Jack Lalanne…I could write an entire article on the man, but the short version is this…he is The Original fitness celebrity, made “juicing” famous (the liquids from fruits and veggies – not steroids), and is probably most famous for his 1-armed push-ups at the age of 93!! That’s him in the picture below being a stud at 93…



Build each of your meals using the 3 macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, fats) below. Start with protein, and add a little healthy fat to each meal. Choose your carbohydrate source and adjust the amount up or down depending on how much energy you need at the time.

Protein (Moves Around)

  • Things that had a face (animals) or would have grown up to have a face (eggs)

Carbohydrates (Come From The Ground)

  • Fruits, veggies, oats, rice, potatoes, etc

Healthy Fats (Help You Burn Fat)

  • Nuts, seeds, oils, nut butters, etc
Stop thinking of food as a pleasurable experience or as a reward…You can’t survive without food – That means food has a purpose…and that purpose it to FUEL YOUR BODY.

DO NOT be afraid of muscle. Muscle and strength are required to produce force and be explosive. I guarantee not one person reading this has more muscle than the guy below… And I’m willing to bet he is faster, quicker, and more explosive than ALL OF YOU!(He is a pro football player and 4 x 100m NCAA Champion sprinter from Florida State) Notice that even with all that muscle he is FAST and EXPLOSIVE…the “bulk” that most athletes relate to being slow is really just FAT…stop carrying excess body fat that does nothing but hold you down…get lean, stay lean, and be explosive!!

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