If you’ve been following along, I’m sure you’re expecting today’s blog to recap my weekend trip to EliteFTS to train legs with Dave Tate and John Meadows. I’ll get to that, but first I need to share something else with you.

I have a confession to make. I’m a HUGE Bruce Sprinsteen fan. Huge, as in, you know that one interest everyone has that’s a little weird…maybe it’s Harry Potter, or Lord Of The Rings, or Zombies…mine’s The Boss.

I love music and for me, it doesn’t get any better than The Boss. And yesterday, while listening to the special Springsteen channel on Sirius Radio, I caught a familiar song that got me thinking. Here are the lyrics that got me:

“You can’t start a fire. You can’t start a fire without a spark, this gun’s for hire….

…You can’t start a fire, worrying about your little world falling apart…

…Even if we’re just Dancin In The Dark”

The song’s called Dancin in the Dark.

And I started thinking about how EVERY truly great person is sort of dancing in the dark. I say this because there’s a fine line between passionate and obsessed.  Consider the following quote:

At some point in their life, every successful person is accused of being selfish, obsessed, neurotic, whatever. That’s what I mean when I say ALL successful people are “dancing in the dark”.

They’re “dancing” on that fine line between crazy and sane, between passionate and obsessed.

But that’s not a bad thing. It takes that kind of dedication to reach the top. It’s simply the nature of success.

Realize this and embrace your darkness.

Don’t back down. Don’t let others say, judge, influence or otherwise prevent you from passionately pursuing your dream.

If you have “THE SPARK”, as I’ll call it, this is easy. And as The Boss says, without that spark you’ll never start a full-fledged fire.

You have that spark within you…otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this. You have a passion for something that burns inside you like the pilot light on a stove. Chase that inspiration that ignites your spark into a raging inferno. Fan those flames and dump gasoline on that SOB! Light it up!!

You have to WANT it.

But not just want it. You have to want it more than everyone else. You have to be willing to do the things other won’t do. You have to ready to stay up late and get up early. You have to be willing to sacrifice the TV time, the parties, the hanging out. You’ll have to find time to hone this passion and generate your own success.

You have to be willing to the things other aren’t. Whether it’s that last phone call of the day or the drop set on the leg extension and leg press with Dave Tate daring you to quit.

And that’s where this all ties in to my weekend.

Dave and John are both men who one could describe as “dancing in the dark”. They’ve been called crazy, insane, sadistic, and worse. But their ability and willingness to do the things others won’t is the very thing that set them apart from the pack.

Dave Tate and John Meadows are 2 GIANTS (literally & figuratively) who ignited their spark into blazing fires. That is exactly how they attack the weights and their lives. it’s no wonder they’ve accomplished so much “Under The Bar” and in their lives. Training with them was an honor, a privilege, and a BLAST!! My training partner Cris and I held our own and conquered any and every obstacle they threw our way.

This included Spiderbar Squats with a bar weight of about 315 + over 100 lbs of chains on each side! I’ll have to save the rest of the details for an article I’m working on…I’ll be sure to let you know when & where it runs…

Until next time my friend, ignite your spark and embrace your darkness. Dance on the border of that darkness…success is waiting on the fringe of insanity and obsession. Go TAKE it!