Ever watch kids or excited adults arrive a pool?

If you have, you might notice that people who want to swim in the deep end of the pool usually use the diving board.

The wading in gives us an opportunity to turn back if we change our minds, you know, when things get uncomfortable.

Cannonballs and gainers don’t provide the same escape clause.

Once we decide and commit, there is no going back.

The boats have been burned.

When I owned my performance training facility, House Of Strength, I had countless potential members tell me they “needed to get in shape before they could workout here.”

I say the same thing now that I told them every time: I’m calling BS on that one.

First of all, great coaches know how to meet you where you and help you progress from there… but I digress.

The lesson here isn’t about the coach/mentor.

The lesson here is not to give ourselves an OUT before we begin.

Adversity and challenge await us all.

Don’t give yourself an easy out.

People who know they want to swim in the deep end of the pool usually use the diving board

Do yourself a favor and commit fully to your pursuits.

Burn the boats.

Turns out, the research supports this. TUNE IN to the latest BHP Short to find out why abrupt and all in beat gradual transitions for habit change.

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