Mastering Transitions and Change

**The following originally appeared as a post I made on IG last year and this concept of mastering transition and change is something we discuss in the Better Human Workshops. Since it comes up repeatedly, I want to share some of these thoughts as a BHP Short.**

The Nowhere Between Two Somewheres

This is the space that most requires us to trust the process.

It could last 0.2 seconds or 20 years, depending on the pursuit.

Whether it’s a new habit, a diet change, a fitness pursuit, or anything else, THIS is where we screw up most: the transition zone

The old no longer exists, but the new has yet to be born.

It’s like flying through the air between two trapezes.

Anything can happen.

It’s the point of highest anxiety.

It’s the moment we’re most susceptible to old habits (neurological wiring).

The worst thing we can do when between these trapezes is freak out.

To flit and fail in the air or otherwise deviate from the process is to decrease our odds of successfully arriving at the new place (point B, somewhere #2).

We must remain calm and trust the process if we are to successfully arrive at the new place.

Prepare a solid plan. Trust it. Execute with 100% commitment. Get to the new solid ground as quickly as possible. (Then REPEAT for perpetual growth.)

F*ck those feelings of doubt, fear, insecurity.

Stay the course. Trust the process (assuming you had a solid plan).

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