Resistance, in its many forms, awaits us all.

None of us will realize our best self without moving through or against resistance.

Even the universe itself experiences this phenomenon.

In fact, the laws of physics can be derived from the principle of least action which, roughly speaking, states that, of all the possible configurations that a system can have, or that it can follow, as it evolves in time, the one that is physically realized is the one that minimizes its action.

This fancy physics speak simply means that the universe, like humans, seeks the path of least resistance.

Yeah, the Universe is lazy. The desire to do as little as possible is universal.

So whenever you feel the weight of resistance, remember this:

You’re not alone.

Resistance affects us all.

It normal to feel this way.

It is even OK to FEEL this way.

It’s OK to FEEL lazy.

Hell, it’s NORMAL to BE lazy.

This universal pattern is the norm.

The question is whether or not WE can accept being normal.

If we want to transcend normal, we must behave abnormally.

This requires us to overcome the aforementioned universal pathway of least action.

If our aim in life is to transcend normal we must remember that it is Normal, even OK to feel lazy, but it is not OK to BE lazy.

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