As our Sealfit challenge approaches (1 week away), I see many of my teammates dialing up their focus and intensity.

This motivates me to push myself even more. It also encourages me because it shows that they are ALL IN.

Over the course of our preparation for this event, lots of mental knowledge has been shared to help sharpen our minds for the tests that lie ahead.

I’ve summarized one of my favorites here:

[quote style=”1″]Team is about looking out for your teammates. If there are 20 members on a team, you should be watching out for the other 19 at all times. This means, at all times you have 19 people watching your back. The support and cooperation that this mentality fosters will create ONE UNIT that is capable of achieving things far greater than even the strongest individual. [/quote]

Think about that the next time you train.

Think about that as your season approaches.

Do you watch out for your teammates? Or are you only concerned about your own performance?

Imagine what your team could accomplish if every member of your team took this approach.

I’m lucky.

I KNOW that every member of my team is thinking this way.

When I first began training for this SEALFit challenge, my mindset was to “not be the weakest link”. I didn’t want to show up and have my ass kicked.

But now I realize, we’re all going to get our asses kicked. That isn’t in question.

The question is: can we stick together and help each succeed?

My training has become even more focused and more intense now. Not because I’ve accepted defeat. But because I want to be strong enough to HELP MY TEAMMATES should they need it.

I’m no longer training for me. I’m training for them. So they don’t have to expend extra energy carrying my weight. And so that I can pick up any slack when someone else falls short.

Like I said, I’m lucky. I have ZERO DOUBT that my teammates all share this same mindset. We will succeed.

If you’re not so lucky, then view your situation not as hardship, but as an OPPORTUNITY.

BE THE CHANGE you want to see in your culture.

Lead by example.

Bring this philosophy to your coach. Share it with your teammates.

A group of individuals united, working toward the same goal, with one mind and an indomitable spirit IS AN UNSTOPPABLE FORCE.

We have that and you can too!