Tony Blauer is a legendary personal safety and fear management expert.

Tony has 4 decades of experience in teaching about martial arts, personal safety, fear management, at the highest levels, and he is particularly well-versed in the the science of fear, fear management, and performance.

Anytime we get together, we love to dive deep on the psychology and physiology of fear, movement, behaviors, performance, etc – and this conversation is no exception.

What You’ll Hear:

  • “Be careful what you practice, you might get good at the wrong thing”
  • Practice vs. Training
  • The importance of neurological pathways and how they create default patterns
  • Identifying our biases
  • The psychology of intimidation – and how it is being used to weaponize fear
  • Dispelling the myth of “no fear” (HINT: the people you think of as fearless experience fear too – they just manage it differently)
  • Fear – and courage – are contagious. Choose courage.
  • Self-Awareness as a superpower
  • And much more…

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