Over the last 4 decades Tony Blauer has created, refined, and taught his self-defense methods, known as the SPEAR System to Law Enforcement and Military agencies, as well as civilians around the world.

Through all of his experience, he’s convinced one thing determines our success or failure (or survival)  in critical situations – and life in general: how we manage our fears.

In this episode, we talk about the fear response and how it limits us in both extreme (self-defense) situations and in our daily lives (anxiety, self-doubt, etc).

Tune in to find out how and why fear holds us back, and what we can do to properly channel this survival based response from our human body so we can control our fears and direct our life rather than allow those fears to sabotage our lives and dreams.

The Better Human Project Show Notes Ep. 29 – How To Manage Fear and Become a Human Weapon with Tony Blauer

  • The problem with most “systems” (NOT LIMITED TO SELF-DEFENSE): If you can’t manage THE FEAR, you are not going to do “THE MOVE.” (6:05)
  • Steps to recognize danger, manage fear and how to act courageously relative to the situation. (11:21)
  • “Everything is situational awareness” and if you don’t have self-awareness your situational awareness is compromised. (17:25)
  • Tony’s crucial life lesson: do not confuse technical with tactical. (24:40)
  • Making the SPEAR system work for everyone (i.e. law enforcement AND soccer moms) (30:30)
  • The moment that forever changed the way self-defense is taught (41:45)
  • Why are we so afraid to fight for what they want? The Mental Blueprint behind the SPEAR System. (53:55)
  • The 3 D’s for Life: Detect, Diffuse and Defend. (1:05:10)
  • Tony’s #1 Tip to
    • #BeBetter and
    • #DoBetter as a human: (1:14:25)

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