I spent the weekend watching 12-17 year-old athletes. As I always do, I went looking for weaknesses.

I don’t do this to be critical or to be mean. Rather, it’s my job to identify, address, and correct weaknesses. This is how one makes progress. Identify area(s) that can be improved. Plan a course of action. Sure up those area until they are strengths. Continue to repeat this indefinitely. Constantly improve. (Pursue Perfection anyone?)

Back to the athletes I saw this weekend…

One move that repeatedly came up this weekend – SPEED SKATERS.

If you’ve never done this bodyweight move it’s merely a lateral jump from one leg to the other. It incorporates aspects of the lunge and a lateral jump to build strength, explosiveness, reaction, and can be used for conditioning. Unlike the folks in the photo above, you’ll want to keep your chest UP while striving to jump as far to each side as possible.

Seems like a pretty basic movement – but here’s what you may overlook – the tremendous carryover to sports movements:

  • Ankle and knee stability
  • Core strength to resist, transfer, and apply force
  • Tightness/Stability
  • Lower body plyos – absorb force and quickly redirect that force – in the lateral plane not often trained

Now think about the times you see this movement in sports


Include these in your training to make sure you’re the best athlete you can be!