Up another pound! This week’s weigh-in was 192.8 for my fasted AM weight.

Yesterday I was 203.5 at 2PM when we lifted (food, water & clothes).

No changes to diet or cardio – they are exactly the same as last week.

Last week was another awesome week of training, with the exception of Thursday when I just wasn’t feeling 100%.

  • Monday = Arms (I think arm is basic and boring so I don’t say much here) We supersetted bis and tris this time for 13 sets each
  • Tuesday = Leg Day…As always, we started with leg curls, but this week, we upped the intensity by doing 10 partials after all 3 sets of 10. Then we worked up to our 8RM on banded leg press, where I hit 7pps for 2 sets of 8, up from only 1 set last week. We then moved to squats where I hit 245 for 3 sets of 8, and finished with some stationary lunges, and DB RDL’s.
  • Thursday = Got 2 more reps on incline BP with 185 and once again dominated banded bench press with 135 x 5 x 3 using the long red “mini” bands from elitefts
  • Saturday = If you can’t tell, back day is my favorite day of the lifting week! We started with Meadows Rows, Chest supported high rows, DB pullovers, and then hit Reeves Deadlifts before finishing with banded good mornings! What an awesome day that was!


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