Ok guys and gals…Last week was a great week in the gym. My size and strength continue to go up, so I’m very happy with those results.

My AM fasted weight this week = 193.4 (up from 192.8)

Here are a few highlights from this week’s weight room demolition…

  • Monday = ARMS – usually boring and I skip right over this recap, but my training partner Cris got some chains for Valentine’s Day so we hooked the up to the 15 pound DB’s for some lying skullcrushers and hammer curls – AWESOME! I didn’t have my flip cam, so we had to use the old cell phone camera. Here’s a pic of the skullcrushers:
  • Tuesday = LEGS – I had some questions about the banded Leg Press so here’s a video of the setup and execution. We jumped from the red mini band to the black monster mini this week and still hit the same number of plates per side for 8 reps. After that, we did some crazy heavy lunges too!
  • Thursday = Chest/Shoulders = We got a new Hammer Strength Flat Bench Press this week and started our session there flexing each rep at the top for 2 seconds. Then we hit Incline BP, followed by Banded BP. Check out the video:
  • Saturday = BACK – Another great day, but nothing fancy…Deadstop DB Rows, Heavy partial pulldowns, T-bar Rows, Db Shrugs w/ a 3 second hold at the top and finally 3 x 25 hyperextensions against bands (HUGE ERECTOR PUMP)
  • Calves and Abs were hit only once this week (Monday for calves and Sat. for Abs)

Post your questions &/or comments below!