AM fasted weight =195.4 (up another pound!)

Last week was Week 10 of our current 12 week phase and it was also the first week not using bands after using them in Weeks 4-9. Our volume was much lower last week and by the end of the week I was already feeling a renewed sense of energy and well-being. Just goes to show you that we can only pound ourselves for so long before we need a break.

Even though our volume was low, the intensity and work was still as high as possible, which you’ll see in the leg day video below!

  • Monday = Calves & Arms: We went slightly higher with our rep count and hit reverse curls for the first time in while…3 x 25 hurt like hell! We used a shorter range of motion, only coming up to 45 degrees to keep constant tension on the muscles…felt like a crippled T-Rex after these:)
  • Tuesday = Legs & Abs: Lower volume = higher intensity! We tested ourselves with a nasty drop set of 8/8/failure on the hack squat machine AFTER hitting PR’s with 10 & 9 plates per side…So immediately, after our band phase we were both able to hit an extra 90 pounds for 10 reps on the leg press. That’s good progress – check it out!
  • Thursday = Chest & Shoulders: We started off with some slight decline DB presses and we got the sweet commercial gym warning for dropping DB’s on our last 2 sets! The worst part is this – we work there! Unphased, we pushed on to incline BB BP, and finished with some flat Hammer Strength presses and heavy negatives. We trashed shoulders and finished them up with some cage presses.
  • Saturday = Calves, Back & Abs: Seated calves for 6 sets to start and then we hit 1-arm BB rows, 1-arm pulldowns (lats cramped like crazy!) and DB pullovers. Next up we hit BB shrugs for 275 x 10 and 315 x 10 with a 1 sec pause at the top…my traps are still sore! We finished with 1 massive set of banded hypers to failure then dropped the band and did bodyweight hypers to failure again.