AM Fasted Weight = 193.2

Last week was the first week of my second rotation through the same training session. Again, I’m playing with and experimenting with Chad Coy’s “Turn Off The Governor” template. Normally a cycle would take 3 weeks, but I did take a week off between Week 1 and Week 2 to let my tweaked back recover.

I’ve spoken about progress before, but I want to reiterate…don’t chase soreness or fatigue. The great Christian Thibaudeau once said, “I can hit you with a baseball bat and you’ll be sore. Doesn’t mean you’ll get bigger or stronger.” Focus on progress. Keep a log book and make sure your adding weight, reps, decreasing rest time, or holding moves for longer durations. Bottom line: Don’t get sore, get better!

After 3 training weeks and 4 weeks total here is my progress:


  • Power Snatch: done for speed, so I’m working with a 60-80%, but I still jumped 5 pounds for 5 sets of 5 reps
  • Push Press: I actually dropped the weight because the last time I went too heavy. Dynamic work should be more explosive than I was in my first rotation through this template.
  • Front Squat: 5 singles at about 95% (jumped 10 pounds)
  • Swiss Bar Incline: Same weight, added 2 reps to 3rd set…so I went from 10/10/8 to 10/10/10…time to add weight next round!
  • Chest Supported Cambered Bar Rows: jumped 20 pounds for 4 x 10
  • Conventional Deads: 3RM jumped 30 pounds
  • Pullups: 5 x 5 went from bodyweight only to adding 25# plate to a dip/chin belt


  • Power Cleans: again, done for speed at 60-80% but I was able to jump up 10lbs here for 5 x 5
  • Trap Bar Deads from a 3″ deficit: I used the same weight but used stronger/heavier bands
  • Overhead Rack Press: jumped 10 pounds for 5 singles
  • Clean High Pulls: jumped 20 pounds…this is a move I used to do frequently but haven’t lately, so it’s coming back quickly
  • Yoke Bar Squats: hit a new 1RM, then dropped some weight and hit a new 5RM
  • 1-arm DB BP: jumped to the next heaviest dumbbells
  • Overhead Power Holds: Feeling much more comfortable with these and starting to pile the weight on! Added 30#
  • Hang Snatch: felt really good and added 20#, but that was a bit too much to jump…dropped back to +10# for last 2 sets
  • Speed Squats: Same weight, but really grooved these this week, and I will add more chains next week
  • Rack Deads: I’m painfully slow off the floor and through the first pull of my O-lifts. Setting this up on the lowest level of the power rack forces me to build starting strength from my weakest point…definitely¬†making me better, stronger, and more explosive!!
  • Log Press: Added 20 pounds!
  • Front Levers: 4 holds of about 4-5 seconds each…getting better!
** I also ran sprints Friday morning (6 x 100m), and did 30 minute fasted AM walks 2 other mornings. My lifting schedule is still off due to traveling, the Grand Opening of House Of Strength, and a busy life! **

As I’ve stated before, I’m working to develop more speed pulling from floor to knees and improving my overhead press. As you can see, my targeting training with Coy’s template is paying off big time! I’m enjoying the journey and getting better.

What did you do to get better last week?