AM Fasted Weight is holding steady at 193.4

I’m experimenting with not using casein protein at all right now. I have dropped my pre-bed shake altogether and I have replaced the casein in my daytime shakes with a second scoop of whey. So far, as you can see, my weight has not dropped, nor have my strength levels.

Here’s a quick update from last week’s training.

  • Overhead Power Holds are getting better! I’m slowly increasing the weight used and my body is getting comfortable holding more and more weight in this position.
  • O-lifts and Speed work continue to improve as well. It’s been a while since I focused on the O-lifts and I’ve never done this much dynamic effort work. I can see huge increases after only 5 weeks.
  • Max effort work is also improving. Viking Press, 3-board press, axle push press, and floor press all jumped 5-10 pounds last week. Trap Bar Deads (from deficit), front squat, and good mornings increased 10-25 pounds as well. I repeat these every 3 weeks on my current rotation, so I’m very happy with the progress so far.
  • Volume work remains the same, with some slight increases in loads or reps. However, the main goal with the reverse hypers, upper back, rowing, chinning, grip, and ab work is to get it done. Pounding these lifts with more volume than the performance moves allows for gains in size and strength where it matter most!

If you want more details on my training week, or have any questions/comments, post them below!