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7 Things I Learned From SEALFIT

I’m back from a life-changing weekend at SEALFIT. I want to thank all of you [...]

The Gatekeepers Of Success

A while back, I told you about one of my favorite mid-session motivational techniques. I [...]

Training Log 5/15/12

AM Fasted Weight is holding steady at 193.4 I’m experimenting with not using casein protein [...]

Training Log 5/8/12

AM Fasted Weight = 193.2 Last week was the first week of my second rotation [...]

Training Log 4/24/12

AM Fasted Weight = 193.2 OK let’s do this! Weight is rebounding back up after [...]

Training Log 3/27/2012

AM Fasted Weight = 193.6 (down 1 pound) I started feeling a bit bloated, heavy [...]

Training Log 3/20/12

AM fasted weight =195.4 (up another pound!) Last week was Week 10 of our current [...]

Training Log 3/13/12

AM fasted weight = 194.6 (back to where I was 2 weeks ago before sickness [...]

Training Log 3/6/12

AM Fasted Weight = Let me start off saying that last week was anything but [...]