Training Update today.

My training partner Cris and I are in our 3rd 12-week phase of Mountain Dog training.

So far the results have been amazing. We are both growing like never before and seeing some serious strength gains as well!

John Meadows is a genius, and his programs have kept us healthy while leading to results we could only dream of!


Enough background…this 12-week phase is the banded program and we are on Week 4 right now.

So far, we’ve used Grip4orce on ALL of our bicep movements in this phase and the results have been CRAZY! Hand strength, forearm strength, and even bicep activation have all seen HUGE jumps in the last few weeks! I’m loving these results and will definately incorporate these Grip4orce into the programs of my athletes…who couldn’t use a better grip?!

My AM fasted weight is now 190lbs and it has stalled from last week, so I’m adding about 30g carbs to my daily intake this week. I’ll update you next week with the results!

Here’s our training split:

Monday = Calves and Arms

Tuesday = Legs

Wednesday = OFF

Thursday = Chest/Delts

Friday = OFF

Saturday = Back & Abs

Sunday = OFF

** We perform 30 minutes of fasted cardio on our OFF days**

*Abs and calves are trained anywhere from 1-3 X week*

Today is Tuesday, so we’ll hit legs in a few hours and today we’re starting our band progression on the leg press. We’ll start the session with leg curls, move to the leg press, and then hit squats. We’ll finish with another exercise or two, but I can’t give you ALL of somebody else’s program:)

*I took my flip cam to the gym but forgot to film the session – SORRY! Here is a video of our leg day from 2 weeks ago.*


Hit me up with any questions you have…