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Learn how to move, feel, and live better with Dr. Mark Cheng on this episode [...]

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A few weeks ago – and unbeknownst to each other – both Ryland and I [...]

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BHP Shorts 042: Stimulus Vs. Adaptation

Which one are you chasing: Stimulus or Adaptation? The former will keep you busy and [...]

BHP Shorts 026: Measure What Matters

One of the major challenges we face in today’s ever-evolving world is knowing which piece(s) [...]

Q and A 21: Business Advice, Self-Publish vs. Publishers, and How I’m Training After 10,000 Swings

WEEKLY Q & A ANSWERS: 1️⃣ Advice for someone who wants to start their own [...]

BHP 066: Alison Heilig | The Durable Runner

This week’s interview on the Better Human Project features Alison Heilig, the author of the [...]

Q and A 20: Confidence, Cardio and Starting Conversations

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Q and A 019: 5 Best Exercises, Nutrition Resources, and Managing Fear

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