Things that work, tend to continue to work…right up until they don’t.

As my friend Paul Reddick says, “what raises us, can restrict us.”

The trick is to catch these things before they restrict, limit, or stunt our performance &/or development. Or at the very least, become aware of them as soon as possible so we can give ourselves the opportunity to course correct.

We see these “black swan events” so obviously in hindsight – but in real time, they usually come as a shock to some extent – as an event, like an upset, an outbreak, a mistake, collapse, or some other “newsworthy” occurrence. This is why we also call them “pattern disrupts”.

Hindsight is unfair – so we shouldn’t judge ourselves for mistakes: we’re looking back with our current knowledge and experience – things we didn’t have in the moment.

BUT, as we move forward, don’t expect things to continue as they always have – NOTHING lasts forever.
Life is not static. Things have always and will always change.

I’ve got a heartbreaking, but all too common, story to share with you in this episode and a challenge to take nothing for granted.

Appreciation, not expectation.

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