I was inspired by a post I saw yesterday from James Smith, aka “Smitty”. In his post Smitty was discussing some unique sled dragging variations the DieselCrew uses.

Yesterday was a Max Effort Lower Body day for some of my athletes at House Of Strength and we used the sled for our assistance work. Using a sled or Prowler for assistance work is great way to increase total volume without inducing as much muscle damage as traditional weighted movements. Most muscle damage, microtrauma, and soreness stems from the negative or lowering portion of weighted moves. With a sled or Prowler, there is no eccentric or negative phase, as one leg is constantly working.

Check out the video below to see some House Of Strength athletes becoming BEASTS!


**Note: In the video I described holding the tire with fists rather than flat hands, but I only the first set. The final two sets were performed in the manner I described in the video!**

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