What To Do When You Can’t Workout – A better name for this post might be “what to do when you can’t do your planned workout – or eat your planned meals.” I was asked this question from a national publication who later decided not to run the article…but the tips are still valuable to help YOU stay on track when life gets crazy.

Life get’s in the way sometimes. We’d be naive to think 100% of our planned workouts will take place exactly as we drew them up –  here are a few tips so you can be prepared for the most common “life” situations.



Never be without at least 1 emergency meal. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail…Here are 3 ideas that you can stash at home, in your car, your bag, and at work. In fact I’d keep 1 of each in all those locations.

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  1. Dry protein powder, oats and 1/4 C nuts like almonds or pecans. Store this in a dry shaker or a ziplock bag and add water or pour into water bottle for emergency meal complete with protein, carbohydrates and fats.
  2. Canned tuna or chicken and 100 Calorie pack of wholly guacamole. Just make sure the guacamole is in the fridge and the cans are pop tops (Yes, I’ve made that mistake before and the stapler turned hammer was never the same!)
  3. Most protein bars seem like a safe emergency stash – but they aren’t. Two that don’t contain sugar, chemicals, and inferior protein are Upgraded Collagen Bars (upgraded self.com) and Quest bars.


As a gym owner, I’ve heard every excuse for why people can’t workout. But we don’t allow our members to use the word “can’t” – it’s self-limiting and stand in place of “I’m not willing to do what is necessary in order to _____” (fill in the blank with whatever you “can’t” do).

So here’s your backup plan:

  1. Leave extra workout clothes in your car, your bag, and at work. One day you will forgot your stuff or have to workout at the office. Now you’re prepared.
  2. Have a list (keep it on your cell phone that is always with you) of do anywhere workouts – for example, in your office, open google and find an online timer or stopwatch. Alternate 30 second rounds of pushups and bodyweight squats with 30 seconds rest for 5-10 minutes. Anyone can do this! Use the corner of your desk to modify the pushups or turn the squats into squat jumps for a progression.
  3. Invest in a suspension trainer or resistance bands. They’re affordable and portable. They take up less space in your suitcase than a pair of shoes and no matter where you travel you’ll be able to push, pull, squat and move your body for a quick and effective workout.

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