After watching that commercial, let’s forget about the car and the Darth Vader appearance. (I’ve always hated Star Wars & Star Trek anyway!)

Let’s focus on the dog’s fat loss and why he (or she) is smarter than most humans who attempt the same endeavor.

Walk into any commercial health club, watch TV, or talk to any “normal” American and here’s how they think fat loss occurs:

  • Spend hours doing moderate intensity boring ass cardio on the treadmills
  • Mindlessly crunching away for another 30 minutes to get that shredded 6-pack
  • Sitting in a pin-selected nautilus wanna-be machine to whale on their pecs & “tone-up”
  • Continue to eat shit food but just “burn” it off through jogging (soft j – pronounced yogging)
  • If you do change your food choices, start eating whole grains cause the TV said they’re good for me
  • Expect results overnight -Quit when this doesn’t happen

Yes I’m being a sarcastic a-hole, but the truth is, MOST AMERICANS think these things lead to the fat loss and physical changes they seek. I wish I were making this up! But the truth is, those steps are what 90% of people do when they try to lose weight!

Now, lets look at what the dog did RIGHT!

  • He was patient! He started with snow on the ground and ended in the spring or summer. He worked for at least a few months!
  • He ran Sprints – Fat people finish marathons all the time. Ever seen one run the 100m race? Didn’t think so.
  • He pulled heavy things – Sled-dragging, pulling, and Prowler pushing are among the best conditioning tools for athletes and fat loss implements for physique chasers. Don’t use the excuse “I don’t have a sled or a Prowler”. Be like the dog and improvise.
  • He used the stairs – The stairmaster is an awesome fat loss tool. To test this hypothesis, walk into a commercial gym and find the stairmaster. Who’s on it? Fat people don’t use the stairmaster. But they do use the treadmill. Connection? Most definitely!
  • He had fun & played with toys – I was going to say he played with balls but I digress. Find some cool “toys” like bands, chains, sleds, Prowlers, etc that help you enjoy your training sessions. If you look forward to it and have fun doing it, you much less likely to skip it:)
  • He sacrficed & resisted food temptations – I shouldn’t have to elaborate on this one, but I will. As Dan John would say, “Eat like an adult.” Stop listening to the TV and eat the things you know you should eat. Fresh meat, fruit, veggies, nuts, seeds, and beans…things that have been around for thousands of years. If it wasn’t a food source when George Washington ran the USA, you shouldn’t be eating it. Sorry ice cream fans – Thomas Jefferson hadn’t brought that back from France yet!

That dog made himself a STUD! And I gaurantee you any human who approaches fat loss with the same discipline, dedication, and work ethic will ahcieve the same gratifying results!


What do you think?