Wisdom = Memories Minus Emotion.

When our brains create memories, they are a combination of fact plus emotional state at the time of the event.

Specifically, the limbic system’s amygdala is responsible for linking incoming data-based emotions (framed by evolution and societal constructs) to the mental states we call feelings.

What we need to understand is that our memories are intertwined with the emotions and feelings present during the original experience, as well as the emotions and feelings we affix to them after the occurrence – things like pride, joy, guilt, shame, et al.

I’m asking you to examine your most impactful experiences (memories) in an attempt to remove the emotional component.

What wisdom remains, staring you in the face?

What lessons can we learn, what wisdom can we pull from our memories IF we remove the emotions that cloud our perspective?

NOTE: Perspective, not judgement – judgement implies assigning value (good or bad) before we have a chance to examine the usefulness of the information.